Meet Sgt Omar Avila, the newest member of #TeamFTE

Sgt Omar Avila was introduced to FTE through a mutual friend. This friend, a fellow solider and wounded warrior, told us about Omar and his quest to become a competition weight lifter despite his injuries sustained in combat. Front Toward Enemy Brand is proud to announce Omar as the newest member of Team FTE.


Avila, a Brownsville, TX native, joined the US Army in 2004. He proudly served as an infantryman with the 26th Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division a/k/a Blue Spaders. On May 14, 2007, Omar was serving in Iraq when is vehilce was struck with a 200lbs IED. Avila sustained burns to 75% of his body and had to have a partial amputation of his right foot. Avila retired from the Army in 2010.

Avila’s real service began after retirement. He now works as a mentor to wounded war fighters and advocates for veterans in every way conceivable. Avila also entered the world of competitive weight lifting. FTE Brand supports Avila in his quest to break world weight lifting records and to shatter people’s perceptions of the limitations of a devastating injury.

FTE is proud to support you Sgt Omar Avila! Thank you for your continued service to this country and veterans everywhere.




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