What  size  shirt  should  I   order?

You can refer to the chart located in the Shop for detailed sizing. Please remember, the shirts are not heavy, beefy t-shirts. All shirts are a thin, comfortable, 100% cotton and are fitted so adjust your order accordingly. When in doubt, order a size larger than you would in a traditional fit shirt.

Do  I  need  to  have  a  PayPal  account  to  order  on-line?

No. Although our on-line order process utilizes PayPal as our credit card administrator, you can order on-line with a credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

How  do  you  ship  your  orders?

Orders within the United States are shipped by the US Postal Service. Your order will usually ship within three business days from our receipt of your order.

How  long  will  it  take  to  receive  my  order?

We will make every effort to ship your order within three business days of receipt. During holidays and in some special circumstances, our order processing time may increase due to heavy order volume and potential backups with USPS. Please check our “BLOG” section of the website for special announcements in regard to holidays and any potential delays.

What  if  an  item  is  out  of  stock?

You will usually be notified when placing an item in your cart if it is out of stock. If for some reason you are not notified before checkout, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible. If we must back order an item that is part of a larger order, the items we do have in stock will ship and the back ordered item will ship when we have them back in stock.

What  does  (Pre-order Only)  mean?

These are items that are not in stock yet and are available to pre-order. This means that you can place your order and we will ship these items to you as soon as we do get them in stock. Pre-order items are usually offered at a lower price than what will be charged once the item are in our regular stock.

Can  I  return  an  item?

We are a small company and cannot offer an indefinite exchange period. Defective items can be exchanged within 30 days of purchase. Please examine items when you receive them to insure you are satisfied with the product. If we no longer carry that item for any reason, we can replace it with a similar item at price to your preference.

Do  you  charge  sales  tax?

We only charge sales tax to online purchases made by residents of South Carolina as required by state law. Whether a purchase is considered in-state is based on the billing address of the purchaser. SC residents should see the tax (6%) added during the check out process.

Can  I  contact  you  via  telephone?

We do not currently allow orders by telephone. It would be very difficult to do so due to the small size of Front Toward Enemy Brand; however, feel free to email us if you have any issues ordering and we will try to accommodate you in any way possible. If necessary, we can arrange a phone call via email.